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Postby redshade » Tue May 07, 2019 12:52 pm

With Pep at City I'm just wondering are we entering a period of City dominating the EPL.

If the benchmark is 100 points then i feel sorry for the rest. How are others meant to compete with that it is ludicrous..
I can't wait when Pep leaves he will go to another money pumped club to add trophies to his resume. Perhaps PSG is his next destination.

So for next season all we can do is aim to win everygame. City will have small blips which we must capitalise. Tbh it is asking for too much from any side.
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Postby Red Rum » Tue May 07, 2019 2:08 pm

In the 1990's and in the 2000's under Rafa Benitez our Nemesis was Man Utd, and under Brendan Rodgers and now Klopp, our Nemesis is Man City. Other than that we would have won the league by now.

The benchmark used to be around 90 points to win the title, now its closer to 100 points. Can we do this well next season? Who knows.

City will be just as strong if not stronger for the next 2/3 seasons at least, so it's hard to see how we can win the league, unless we have a flawless season.

Had we just drawn versus City away and not lost 2-1, we would be top now. That was a turning point. They've lost four games and still are top. We've lost only once, so it's hard to see how we can improve on that really.

I'm scratching my head.
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Postby UvS xR4GEx » Tue May 07, 2019 2:45 pm

I don't think Pep will leave till he wins the Champions League unfortunately. I think we'll push again next year but if 100 points really is the bench mark then we need some superstars next year to compete.
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Postby Reg » Tue May 07, 2019 3:55 pm

I was swapping messages with an old friend of mine and a real football state. He made good points on the subject of eras...

There is a familiar pattern isn't there. After Busby retired in 1969 having been manager for 24 years and after winning the European Cup in 1968 with the famed Law, Best and Charlton, one could say United went into decline until Fergie won his first league title in 1993, 26 years after they last won it under Busby in 1967. Fergie stayed 27 years. From Shanks joining in 1959 to Dalglish walking out in 1990, Liverpool had a 31 year dynasty and since then its already been 29 years since we last won the league. Replacing such dynasties is difficult at the best of times and I think in todays world of football and the mega business that it has become, its probably now impossible. Modern day shelf life, 5 years? As an example, if Guardiola doesn't win the CL next season his position at City will become fragile. Its almost ludicrous to think that the most successful manager of the modern era (across 3 different countries) might be made redundant. But thats the way it is today. The top spending 4 or 5 clubs across Europe today are built for the sole purpose of winning the CL both from a glory and a financial viewpoint. Managers like Guardiola, Mourinho, Zidane, Ancelotti are installed to win the CL and anything else is failure. Klopp is still in a slightly different position. Firstly because Liverpool haven't spent the money that others have, they simply don't have it. Secondly because winning the PL is actually considered more important than winning the CL right now. Liverpool are probably the exception to the rule on this right now because winning the PL and getting that 30 year monkey wrench of our backs is very much seen as the catalyst for the trophy floodgates to open and the next dynasty to begin. Back to United, failure to even qualify for the CL is a major disaster and compounds their misery. I will counter bet your $100 that Ole doesn't make it beyond Christmas. Its only taken 3 months for the euphoria and sentimentality to wear off and for reality to bite, he is a much loved ex player but he is not going to take United anywhere. Punto. We know the story. We had Souness, arguably one of the best Club Captains on the pitch that Liverpool ever had but as a Manager was a disaster. Since Dalglish left in 1990, we have tried them all but in the end it took us 26 years to find the perfect fit in Jurgen Klopp and even he might only last another 2 to 3 years if he doesn't win something. Modern day football. United are in the shit for a long time to come.
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Postby Red Rum » Tue May 07, 2019 4:14 pm

It's all about Era's. Chelsea and Man Utd, once dominant several years ago, now on the decline. We are definately improving year on year, but the money Man City have makes this steam train very hard to overcome.

watching some of their games this season, City have more strength and depth than we do and play more flowing, effective attacking football than us. The way the shift the ball from defence to attack, and out to the wide attacking players is far better than ours. We have tended to grind out  results instead of always dominating or thrashing teams. We are heavily reliant on our front three too much, with not many goal. scorers from Midfield Areas. Total contrast between the way the two teams play. Fabinho, Milner, Hendo, Wjnaldum and Keita rarely score a goal between them. Not good enough.

Our Midfield is the key area that needs sorting. Keita and Shaqiri have spent large parts of the season on the bench, Fabinho never featured for the first few months, and I honestly always felt that Henderson, Milner, and Lallana are not good enough to win you a league title.

In the summer , Klopp needs to find the new Stephen Gerrard or Kevin De Bruyne. That creative box to box player is all we are lacking. Thats the key to success next season.
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