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Postby red till i die!! » Tue Apr 11, 2023 12:30 am

kazza wrote:
red till i die!! » Sun Apr 09, 2023 7:27 pm wrote:The big question is why does it take a bit of argy bargy to get fired up. Up to that point it was about as poor as it gets. No fight No quality and no clue how to get in front.  Then Xhaka has a go at Trent and we are a different side.

1st half we put ourselves under so much pressure playing out from the back. We looked panicky and vulnerable waiting on the rushed pass before scrambling to hoof it.  Awful stuff to watch.  Jones had no impact in midfield at all. Henderson covered a lot of ground today but just isn't making tackles or winning balls.

Poor miss by Mo for the pen but he did score and brought out at least 2 top saves from Ramsdale.  Jota isn't good enough imo. Not for the odd good game he has. Nunez has to be doing better with those chances. Pretty much a full season in and he isn't starting big games for us which is worrying. Gakpo is still adapting but not sure what his best role is.  In the end we create enough chances to win this and plenty of other games.  Better finishing and we would have.

Since we beat Manure we have taken 2 points  :laugh:

Exactly the reason I don’t buy into this “players are tired and been run into the ground” business. The fact they can turn it on after a little argy bargy means it is purely a question of motivation. Intensity, which we are missing, is all about mentality and motivation.

The players will feel the effects of their lack of effort when they don’t get their usual bonus this year. I would like to see what players want to leave this summer because of no CL next year, I’d bet they are same players that have been lacking in effort.

Yeah I don't buy into the tiredness either and think it's just a poor excuse for poor performances. Playing for Liverpool should be motivation enough in every game and a little bit more in the big ones. The players have to know their performances haven't been good enough but yet I just keep seeing them produce the same stuff a week later. They are in the papers and cameras after bad games acknowledging they need to do better but that's just lip service. They are the ones who need to answer why they can't motivate themselves for gametime because if they feel they can switch off due to not liking something behind the scenes then they will do it again under any manager.

Maybe they weren't happy with last years bonus and said feck that, Not running myself into the ground again for that.  :laugh:

The only way to get that motivation back is by bringing in a few players imo. Out with a few old heads and in with fresh starters with that hunger again. Nothing like a good shake up to get the ball rolling again.
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