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Postby bunglemark2 » Tue Apr 02, 2024 11:09 pm

Normally I'm full of opinion and posting like the clappers on this forum.
Since yesterday though, I've been so sad and full of remorse. My eldest brother passed away at 57 from a heart attack. He leaves behind three wonderful boys and a wife who I admit I had no time for, but it's not about her, or me, it's about people who loved him. Especially his two elderly parents, my folks, both in their 80s.
We've hardly spoken in recent years and most of that was my issue with his wife, what she said about me and my family, and because I felt he should have challenged her more.
But he didn't.
And I stopped speaking to him.
And now I can't reconcile with him.
And I feel it's my doing and I can't make amends now.

Family is more important, folks. Blood relatives. Don't make the mistake I did because sometimes it can't be fixed.

Night all.
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Postby fivecups » Thu Apr 04, 2024 10:07 pm

Sorry to hear your going through this mate.
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Postby red till i die!! » Fri Apr 05, 2024 4:07 pm

Really sorry to hear that Mate and my deepest condolences to yourself and your folks.  57 is way too young.

I have a big family mate and didn't grow up with half of them but made it my business to reconnect after a few uncles I was close to passed. I didn't see either before they went and it really took its toll on my mental state. No where near your level of hurt but just wanted to say that it will get better and good things will come of it. It's times like this that brings everyone together and closer.

May he rest in peace.
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Postby woof woof ! » Sun Apr 07, 2024 3:19 pm

Deepest condolences Bungle.
Sad to hear about the way your relationship with your brother deteriorated.
You can't change the past mate, but you can learn from it and help shape the future.
Wishing you well.

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