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Postby kindaconfuzed » Sat Sep 04, 2004 7:21 am

Just a few thoughts on issues which I think are a serious threat to football.

Bums on seats creates revenue as does a decent marketing strategy. The modern game is about MONEY and this seems to clash when its put before the fans who are generally driven by emotions/loyalty/desire to win etc.

The directors then clash with the fans as they strive to take more out of the clubs and ignore the fans demands who they seem to forget are the heart of the club and who are asked to pay ever more to watch their team.

We have fans who say that the club is more important than the players but then the club goes and spends £40m on a player so how does this make sense.

While I think we all admire players who can get as much as they can while young and still able to play in a relatively short career span I think something has to be done to prevent this "slash and burn policy".

While players can demand ever increasing wages and transfer fees the money has to come from somewhere and its at the expense of something else. I believe the money ultimately comes from the fans, you and I. All roads lead to the fans eventually but in all of this they have the least say!!!!

If we (the fans) don't do something then I think the gap between the haves and the have nots is going to get bigger and at present I don't include Liverpool in the haves.

Not sure what we can do except ultimatley instead of talkin thru our ar*es we cud take them off the seats if they don't listen to us! :D
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