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Postby Santa » Sun Oct 20, 2019 10:46 pm

If we lost Mane and/or Salah for a prolonged period of time, I think we are fucked. Such is the stubbornness of Klopp to keep absolute faith in his front three which will eventually leave us short. We have a workman like midfield but very little imagination in breaking down two rows of 4s and it is clear for all to see.

Whenever we made a quick break and the ball reaches Hendo, the play immediately slowed down because he will take another touch, look sideways and made a needless pass. It's all so frustrating seeing him do that again and again.

Basically we created nothing to even trouble United today, which says a lot.

I don't care about the 18th win, I'm just worried with the lack of performance of late and our poor away record against the Top 6. Hard to get excited and optimistic seeing this kind of football
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Postby bunglemark2 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:21 pm

Even more depressed after watching MOTD.
All round lacklustre performance, maybe not helped by the international break and the airmiles flown. But that's probably an excuse. Origi is not the best alternative as a starter. Henderson is too conservative. Dare I say it, VVD is not as imposing as last year.
OGS got his tactics right today and we should have had a response after 15 mins.
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Postby Reg » Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:19 am

Awful performance.  Bobby didn't turn up, Mane didn't have any service to create opportunities etc.. Robbo/TAA clearly were told to hold back which meant our midfield had to push forward to dominate the forward positions  - which they didn't. Gini was ineffectual and Hendo rightly came off. Naby should have came on earlier and buzzed around like a real play maker. Lalllana isn't good enough but we know that.

We saw the consequence of not spending money this summer as without Mo we were toothless. Anyway, we got a point, move on.

I wonder what Klopp learned from this.
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Postby Boocity » Mon Oct 21, 2019 3:05 am

Thommo's perm » Sun Oct 20, 2019 9:39 pm wrote:Boocity:
"Charlie Nicolas is an absolute joke at doing predictions, City have just come off a defeat at home to Wolves, have a dodgy defence and he predicts 5-1 to City and of course the usual for us, he is desperate for us to drop points, almost every week he predicts a draw or loss for us and he has gone with a 1-1 this week as he reckons Utd's 'Desire' will push them on to get a draw. Bring back Merson, he was bad enough but at least he was only bias towards Arsenal as you would expect."

He's still a c*nt and was bound to get lucky one day
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Postby kazza » Mon Oct 21, 2019 11:03 am

Poor performance yes but this was their cup final, they did not have players traveling all over the world, they defended deep and they were in front of their fans and they are happy with the draw which tells a lot. You cannot win every match but if you end up drawing and not losing you should not complain. The ref had a huge part to play in that result as although they won on aggression we seemed to get called for a lot more fouls, something does not make sense there. Overall I would rather have embarrassed them but if it means giving Ole more time on the job, that can only be a good thing  :grinning:
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Postby Tommy Smith » Mon Oct 21, 2019 11:36 am

Liverpool,dropped two points.

absolute Sh*t VAR

Good Luck lads
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Postby Penguins » Mon Oct 21, 2019 2:00 pm

Well, Origi is never a 90 min player, but an impact sub. And still he is the 1st in line as soon as we miss any of our front 3.
If we get ANY injuries to one of the front 3 or VVD for significant time we would be in deep ****.

Just poor mentality in the game and Klopp prepeared the team VERY poorly.
An idiot could understand this is Manure's cup final this season and we acted like it was Brighton away.
Garbage preparation...
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Postby bunglemark2 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:59 pm

Tommy Smith » Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:36 am wrote:Pathetic performance against an average of the scums team, despite all the pre-game talk about Liverpool, will inflict a heavy defeat on the scums, however, they had a fighting spirited performance and tactics which has surprised Klopp and his boys until 75 minutes, then he overcomes it by changing the system to 4.4.2 which it was the right formation to start the game with, we were lucky to get 1 point and finally dropped two points.

Origi is an absolute Sh*t player in general! despite VAR and other Sh*t, apart from his occasional wonder goals in various odd games for LFC, Klopp needs to find an alternative very quickly and get another decent striker to partner Mane who is the best striker we have in LFC squad, furthermore, bring in and use frequently the like of OX, Lallana, Keita, Shaqiri, and other youngsters, to establish a good depth in the squad, at present the squad depth looks quite weak!.

Good Luck lads.

Is this who I think it is??  :oh:
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Postby maguskwt » Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:51 pm

7_Kewell » Sun Oct 20, 2019 6:41 pm wrote:
bunglemark2 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:27 pm wrote:
7_Kewell » Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:26 pm wrote:That was painful. But we didn't lose and we go on.

What's worse is that the winning streak ends at the home of the army of darkness!

It's sh!t, I admit. But I take comfort from the fact that we've bought Wally more time at the wheel. They will probably lose against Norwich next week.

What does need addressing, however, is the need for a 4th attacking player.  Origi (the legend) isn't a wide man and we need to sign someone (young and upcoming) who can come in.

Comes back to my point about trying to bring back coutinho. A player like that adds plenty of options and depth...
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Postby Penguins » Tue Oct 22, 2019 3:29 am

There are so many reasons why Coutinho won't come back....
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Postby redshade » Tue Oct 22, 2019 11:49 am

We've got a few tough fixtures ahead of us. Spurs are playing poor but expect them to put a performance against us. They can't afford to lose another one.

Also i feel if we want to give City a slap in the face we must beat them at home. A point won't do 3 points is a bloody must. I wouldn't be surprised if City go on a mad run now as anything is possible with them.
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Postby UvS xR4GEx » Tue Oct 22, 2019 4:15 pm

I'm still absolutely disgusted about Sundays game and Atkinsons performance. I've never witnessed a game so far out of our own hands.

He was letting foul after foul go on our players without giving anything and United kept breaking on the counter in the confusion. Infact the goal they scored was from Origi being fouled.. Atkinson stalled like he was gonna blow for a freekick, all our players stop anticipating it and James counters into a gap that would never have been there if Atkinson had done his F###king job properly.

Surely then VAR should show the obvious error and disallow the goal... But NO its Old Trafford. It was so currupt it was sickening.

Then everytime we press and win the ball a United player would go down and Atkinson would give them the freekick.

I've never seen us get so shafted in a game since Howard Webb. To get away with a 1-1 against 12 men was incredible.

The worry for me is if this keeps happening then City will get back quicker in this title race. If we lose this league I hope its from our own faults and not through bad officiating.
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Postby red till i die!! » Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:31 pm ... 52592/amp/

The VAR panel gave an explanation as to why they didnt overrule Atkinson for the foul on Origi. They said there wasn't enough contact.

Honestly though while I did think that was a foul I do think he went down easy for such a big lad.  They gave Mane a pen the other week for very little contact so as inconsistent as the refs are VAR isnt any better which totally defeats the purpose it was set up for in the first place.
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Postby damjan193 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 8:52 pm

Stupid explanation, manc players went down from similar contacts and they were given fouls. Different decisions from different refs in different matches, I can understand that, but different decisions in THE SAME MATCH from the SAME REF, that I can't understand.
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