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England’s two most successful clubs clash at Anfield in the FA Cup Fifth Round with both desperate to win. Whoever does will probably become favourites to win the Cup itself; but the questio of local North-West pride is almost as important. These two don’t like each other at all, which makes any victory over the other twice as sweet, and any defeat unbearable. Goal,com asked Liverpool fan Phil The Scouser and United fan Bob The Glazer to talk about the game….

GOAL: First of all, how do you assess your side’s prospects as the new season is well over halfway? Still confident or what?
PHIL (LFC): Given that it’s virtually impossible  for Chelsea not to win the League, we are fighting for second spot against United and automatic Champions League qualification. We’re still defending  the Champions League title itself and obviously are still in the FA Cup . We’ve overtaken Arsenal (and Everton!) in the pecking order and have produced some great performances. The long winning streak before Christmas was encouraging and wins like the one against Arsenal midweek show we are gradually getting to grips with the the main challengers. Also we played well against both United and Chelsea recently without getting any breaks. So I think most Reds are pretty happy with the progress under Rafa.  We need more consistency, biut we could well win siomething again this season – before finally nailing  the Premiership next season.
BOB (MUFC): In a normal season United  would be having a decent time but Chelsea have changed the scene so much that even runs of very decent form are made to seem totally average.

GOAL: Tactically, where do you think this match may be won or lost?
PHIL (LFC):  Ferdinand showed at Old Trafford that we need to defend set-pieces better so our defensive organisation against their attackers  will be crucial. Further forward, the extent to which Gerrard dominates midfield will also be important.
BOB (MUFC): United’s front three versus Liverpool’s tight defence. Oh and they’ve got someone called Gerrard who isn’t bad.

GOAL: Which opposition player do you consider to be the greatest threat to your team in this clash?
PHIL (LFC):  Rooney, no question. He’s the key to United playing well, or not.
BOB (MUFC): Gerrard. A truly worldclass player and, playing for Liverpool, he terrifies me.

GOAL: Would you want him in your team?
PHIL (LFC): A dyed-in-the-wool Evertonian who defected to the Evbil Empire> No thanks. But I can’t deny he’s a pretty good footballer. Well, maybe not pretty…
BOB (MUFC): There isn’t a team in the world that wouldn’t want him!

GOAL: Who from your team should we keep a particular eye on here?
PHIL (LFC):  Stevie G as always. He’s the heartbeat, the engine, the driving force, etc, etc. And he’s a match-winner with his goals.
BOB (MUFC): Rooney is superb and has really developed an understanding with Van Nistelrooy.

GOAL: What are your side’s greatest strengths?
PHIL (LFC):  In terms of attitude, desire and persistence. In terms of tactics, a strong defence, a creative midfield and a top manager. In terms of individuals, Gerrard and Alonso. In terms of anything else, the Anfield crowd.
BOB (MUFC): The front three or four is enough to worry any defence in the country.

GOAL: And weaknesses?
PHIL (LFC):  We should score far more than we do. I just hope Robbie’s second coming proves successful . Morientes, Crouch and Cisse all have their good points but none can guarantee a haul of goals. Fowler in his first spell, or Michael Owen, would have a field day in this team.
BOB (MUFC): The defence is still prone to giving silly goals away, and there’s still a massive hole in midfield.

GOAL: What do your lot typically think of their lot?
PHIL (LFC): The absolute pits. Arrogant, presumptious, cocky, glory-hunters, Everton are tolerable by compariison.
BOB (MUFC): Very similar to the bunch sent out to Australia a couple of centuries ago.

GOAL: What single thing irritates you most about them?
PHIL (LFC): They seem to regard that flukey treble in 1999 as football’s greatest ever achievement . But 18 League titles and FIVE (count  ‘em) European Cups set the benchmark, and United are lagging well behind it.
BOB (MUFC): They’ve just been jealous of us for ten years and whinging constantly about us. You never see or hear United fans behaving like that!

GOAL: And what do you grudgingly admire?
PHIL (LFC): Players who leave them.
BOB (MUFC): That second half performance against AC Milan was Roy of the Rovers stuff. Despite everything you had to applaud them.

GOAL: Who is your all-time number one hate figure (or object of amusement) from their lot?
PHIL (LFC): I’d need a week to do justice to that one but let’s just say that right now Gary Neville is ahead of the field.
BOB (MUFC): Probably Souness. A vicious swine when he played for them and still miserable when he became a manager. He’s done well since then though.

GOAL: What’s the best bit of business ever done between the two clubs?
PHIL (LFC):  If you notice, we don’t do business with them. But I hope we do THE business over them on Saturday.
BOB (MUFC): When United signed Steven Gerrard from them for £12 million in August 2006 and he went on to dominate the midfield for United for years to come. Hang on, there’s another pig flying by…..

GOAL: What’s your fondest memory of past clashes against them?
PHIL (LFC): Any win against them is a fond memory and there have been plenty to savour – like Danny Murphy’s free-kick in a 1-0 win at Old Trafford in 2000/01. But the 2-0 win at Cardiff in the 2003 League Cup final was sweet because United wentt into it as strong favourites
BOB (MUFC): Traditionally it has always been Eric’s goal in the Double Final against them, but now there’s a sneaking feeling for Gary Neville’s restrained celebrations in the Premiership match last month.

GOAL: What do you think the score of this match will be, and how will it affect your week?
PHIL (LFC):  We are due a win against them in the FA Cup and I think this wil be it, with Fowler hitting the decisive goal in front of the Kop in a 2-1. It will make my year, never mind my week.
BOB (MUFC): United to win 2-1. It will be an epic battle but United are averaging two goals a game and as long as they can outscore their over-generous defence they should just edge it.
Jolly Bob Grumbine.
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