Brexit- Yes or No ?

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Postby woof woof ! » Wed Mar 01, 2017 3:47 pm

Brexit, will other member states follow the UK ?

Just realised the forum never really discussed this issue and now that all the heated rhetoric has died down I'm wondering what you lot think of our decision to leave the EU.

As I see it the EU started out as a European Market Place which would benefit all members on matters of trade and political co-operation, a good thing.

When it started to morph into "The United States of Europe" where we have some kind of "Federal" government laying down laws that over rule those made by the individual member states for me that was something imo we didn't sign up for.

I didn't get to vote for the German, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Greek etc etc politicians that make up the tribe with their snouts in the trough who make so many far reaching decisions that affect my life and my country and I'm more than happy to see us  reclaim our sovereignty and I think in other parts of Europe there are others of the same mind.

What do you lot think,  Brexit, a good thing , Yes or No ?

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Postby Reg » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:13 am

The issue for me was that the technocrats that run the EU are too easy to manipulate and Franco-German centric which undermined our remain independant. Junkers the EU leader is a PR disaster but got re-elected last week without an election taking place. What??

How can the leader of europe be unelected? How can the 'commissioners' (Orwell anyone?) be unelected? How can they be tasked with undermining our defense and foreign policies without a vote, and our legal system on which our democracy is based?

It's natural to be afraid of the dark and it was a momentus decision to vote to leave. My heart said leave, my mind said stay. When they voted yes was I upset? No. Will we suffer as a consequence, initially yes, but long term no.

The EU parliament had every opportunity to change course and propose changes that would have allowed us to stay but in their arrogance, they chose not to, they are too committed to destroying national rights to divert from the central objective of unelected ministers running europe.
I said at the time somewhere on the forum, if you read the speeches of Enoch Powell in the 60's and leading up to the referendum to join the EEC, it is impossible to separate a centralised customs union from trade policy and the full integration of currency, law and foreign and defence policies would be the inevitable outcome. 50 years ago, Enoch saw through the bluster and understood the long term strategy to create a US of Europe.

The EU may survive but Berlin has to realise that if another nation chooses to leave, it's lights out. They must reform to appease the electerate that never gets to vote.

My view is that as we've already surrendered any pretense of being a superpower, we have nothing to lose by being outside the EU.
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