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Postby johnbarnes » Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:25 pm

Well I'm surprised with the amount of discontent over recent years from so many fans that this subject has not come up?
So the Catalonian people are seeking independence which (if the stories are too be believed) will be declared official next week.
What does this mean for our 'good' friends, pals and their not so loveable football club, Barcelona?
Gerard Piqué, who came out in support of the Catalonian people has received boos from fans at a recently cancelled training session (perhaps they just woke up and realised that he's just a cu.nt who use to play for Manure or may be it is just the beginning of a revolt against the Catalonians?
We can all agree that football has become a world trade of economic power and wealth.
So with this in mind will this declaration for independence have an effect on the giant paws of Barcelona?
Will this world footballing, globalised brand become nothing more or bigger than Celtic FC in years to come?
Perhaps this explains their desperate plot(s) to sign top players from around the world this summer - Did the club know something that the rest of us didn't - perhaps the writing is on the wall and it does not look good for them in the long term? Loss of sponsors, investors, fans - Could they lose their global appeal?
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