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Postby Tommy Smith » Mon Jul 27, 2020 3:14 pm

A good win in the final game, however, the prospect for next season a is quite worrying despite having good promising younger players stepping up to the first team, the squad still needs a couple of more signing especially in the central striker position and another C.Back, and possibly a creative midfielder.  It will be a tough next season.

Good Luck Lads
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Postby electrum » Mon Jul 27, 2020 7:26 pm

woof woof ! » Mon Jul 27, 2020 2:30 pm wrote:
ycsatbjywtbiastkamb » Mon Jul 27, 2020 10:42 am wrote:I think we deffo missed a trick not signing Pulisic, he would have been perfect to rotate with our front 3.  I can see him and Werner doing some real damage next season, heck, we’ve got the best defence in the division and were playing at Anfield yet he pretty much ran us ragged. He was only on 20 minutes as well. Imagine what he’ll do to some of the Prem’s lesser lights this upcoming campaign. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Chelsea have a similar season to us in 13/14, i.e blow a lot of teams away (including top teams), go very close but ultimately let down by keeper/defence.
Given we missed the boat on him (Pulisic) I’d like to see us go for someone like Traore, he’s no Pulisic but he does have the ability to come off the bench and cause havoc, what I like about him is that he can do it against the best teams as well, he’s not a flat track bully, he gives even the best defenders trouble.
We’ve got a lot of neat and tidy players on our bench but no one who can really come on and change a game, in fact a lot of the time unless we are bringing Mo or Sadio on when we make a sub nothing seems to happen, someone like Traore is a must for me.

Completely agree with your comment on Pulisic, we should have gone "all in" to sign this fella, think he's really gonna light up the premiership next season.
As for Traore ? yeah as you say "he's no Pulisic" but I agree he'd be a more than valuable asset to the squad when things need changing up.

Always a bit disappointing when you see teams signing some tasty players and we just seem to be sitting on our laurels.

Maybe Jurgen is confident that the likes of Keita, Minamino and Curtis Jones will come through next season and provide us with the necessary reinforcement.

Personally I'm disappointed (and concerned) that a club of our stature isn't looking towards more than just "reinforcements" .

Agree 100% with both the above comments. Resting on your laurels when you are at the top is like stopping pedalling when you are on a bike- you will keep going ...for a while and at a slower pace.
The argument thats been tossed around is "great players wont come to warm the bench"  and it does not convince me one iota.
Great players want to play in great teams that have a real chance of winning things. Would you rather be at Chelsea or Liverpool if you are Timo Werner if you could decide? He WANTED to come to us by all accounts even with the front three being "undroppable" .
(Not that he is the be all and end all).
Traore is an excellent shout in my opinion, much improved and someone with the speed and dynamism to create acres of space for the likes of Mane and Salah as he usually has the first guy who tries to tackle him bounce off him and then attracts a second.  :laugh:

We have been very, very lucky with the fitness of Mo, Sadio and Bobby - we are not going to carry on without an injury at some point and as many others have said if we rely on Origi , Minamino , Brewster et al in that scenario,we are not even close to our usual standards. 
IMO we will battle for top 4 if that's our backup for one of the three being out for a couple of months.
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Postby redshade » Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:23 pm

Couldn't agree more, that is why I was gutted when we missed out on Timo.

Adama is a beast, adds another dimension to the side. I feel he will flourish under Klopp and would give us that edge that we need at times.
I really do hope we snap someone for next season.

However, Imo I would want someone who is clinical Infront of goal. We need another player who can chip in 15+ a season. No probs with Salah and Mane, just need another who can ease the pressure. Firmino has gone a bit off the boil and from Mid we get hardly any goals.

Let's get Coutinho back lol.
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